T3Fun Will Soon Take Control of Sword 2 After GamersFirst

GamersFirst announced that this month would be the last time for them to be the publisher and host of Sword 2. They will be out of the Sword 2 business at the end of this year.However, Fans of the game do not need to fret that they’re about to lose their world, because HanbitSoft’s subsidiary T3Fun will take control of Sword 2 from January 1st.

Due to the transfer between companies, players will need to expressly consent to allow their game data to be transferred over. The announcement post contains instructions how to do just that. Also, Sword 2 players won’t be able to transfer their GamersFirst store currency, so spending it now is highly recommended.

There are a lot of details to go over, so if this affects you, be sure to read the whole post very carefully. Sword 2 is competing with other games in MMOsite Reader’s Choice event. Vote for it now!