NHL 18: Mastering The Skill And New Deke Branchin

NHL 18 has all-new offensive deke moves that deliver the creative freedom and control seen in today’s NHL, including one-handed moves, between-the-legs dekes, back-handed toe-drags, heel drags, cheeky puck flips and more. U4GM will provide more options on buy NHL 18 Coins and are easier to buy cheap coins from U4GM.

NHL 18

With a smaller ice surface in NHL THREES, we had to rework the A.I. to make sure they reacted to the smaller playing environment intuitively. This allowed us to improve our A.I. across all modes so they are able to read and react to plays better.

Player attributes also have an impact on their ability to pull off the new creative attack dekes. They could lose the puck outright, flub the deke mid move or have their shots and passes impacted at a higher rate the lower their skill and the less control you have going into the move.

Mastering The Skill
Creative Attack Dekes in NHL 18 range in difficulty. Some dekes, like toe drags and windmill dekes, are easier to pull off. Others, like the old favorite Tap-Back Deke, are harder to pull off but come with a greater reward.

New Deke Branching
You can perform different moves from each state you are in before deking. This allows you to react to the defender’s position and use a Creative Attack Deke to get around them. For example, when you’re in the toe drag state you can choose to go off your near skate, put the puck between your legs, or flip back to the forehand side to dodge defenders.

The new deke branching allows you more control with moves like putting the puck off your skates. You can now target what direction you want to go with the puck using the left stick in your deke, allowing you more creative control over your moves in the game. More guides and tricks, see more at here.