Buy Packs for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Step by Step Guide

FUT 15 is a fascinating game to the people all over the world. We try to get the right cards to build the best team possible. Packs are quite important in this game since they make it possible to introduce the cards into the game. Without packs, there would be no cards and without cards FUT 15 would not exist.

All the cards are introduced in FUT 15 through packs by one of the following four ways:
– when you create a new club, from the Starter Pack;
–when you purchase them on the store;
–when you win tournaments or seasons that include packs as reward;
–when you receive Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes.

Three types of packs
Regular Packs:Always available on the store.
Promo Packs:Available only on specific periods of time, like the Happy Hours.
Free Packs:Not available to purchase on the store. They are assigned to you in the beginning of the game, as daily gifts and as tournament and seasons rewards.

Another question that the community asks us almost every day is ‘which pack to buy’. Obviously it depends on what you want. If you want to build a bronze squad, you should buy a bronze pack. If you want to get more contracts and other consumables, you should try the consumables packs. However, most of the players want to put their hands on the best and most expensive cards in the game. In that case, they will need to buy Gold packs. But which one ?

Our suggestion is very simple: purchase the available gold pack with the lowest price per rare player card. These are the only cards that can make some one rich. The other cards are almost worthless. To know which packs have the lowest price per rare card, we only need to divide the price by the number of rare cards. It is easy to do it, following the table above. However, we should pay attention to the category of the pack and if there are other cards besides players. The best packs are the ones with guaranteed rare gold players cards. Into this group, the Premium Gold Players Pack is two times more expensive than the Rare Players Pack or the Jumbo Rare Players Pack. This difference is not so high if we use FIFA Points to pay instead of coins. It may be weird but EA Sports doesn’t use a proportional relation between coins and FIFA Points. For example: Jumbo Premium Gold pack and Silver Upgrade pack cost both 15,000 coins but the first one may be purchased with 300 FIFA Points while for the second we only need 50 FIFA Points. Players should also pay attention to this aspect.100k and 50k packs are the best packs to buy for those who are looking for top players or profit.

How many gold rare players cards (GRP) each pack brings, in average, and we built the following table showing the rating of the best packs to buy. As you probably expected 50k and 100k packs are the best ones, because you only have to spend 4000 coins for each gold rare player. However, those of you who thought that 25k were good, well you are wrong. It is cheaper to buy 15k and 7.5k packs.

If you want to buy packs, you need to go to the FUT store. You can access to the store through the console or through the FUT Web App / Companion App.It is possible to browse them in the store until you find the right pack. Details of each pack are also provided, including the number of rare cards each pack has. The store has also a folder ‘My Packs’ where you can claim any packs that you have earned but not yet opened.

There are two ways to pay: with fifa 15 coins or with FIFA 15 Points. To buy a pack you just need to select it in the store and choose the payment method.Enjoy your game!