How to sell players to increase your maximum bid

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Step-by-step Summary:

Pick a popular player, listed in high volume.
Check your chosen player’s latest Buy Now / bid price by adding several to your Transfer Targets.
Calculate your profitable maximum mass bid price for that player.
Mass bid on as many of your chosen player as possible up until an hour.
Clear your Transfer Targets, and send all won auctions to your Transfer List.
List the players you have won on the Transfer Market for their going Buy Now price.
* Remember to account for the 5% EA tax on all sales!!

Having difficulty winning auctions?: If you are finding it difficult to win players at even small profit margins, it is likely that a like-minded FUTer is bidding on the same player as you. In this case you have 3 options; firstly increase your max bid and make around 5% profit margins to put them off bidding in future, secondly wait until a later time in the day, or lastly search for another player you can consistently make decent coins on! We strongly advise you spend time tweaking your profit margins on a set of players (at different price ranges) to test which work best for you!


If you are attempting to sell players whilst you are sleeping or you’re not at the Web App / Console for long periods of time, we advise listing players for 6 / 12 hour Transfer Durations.
If you happen to see underpriced Buy Now listings while you are re-searching the players buy now value, buy them instantly and re-list them at the current market value to help yours sell at the higher price.
This method will only work if you DO NOT get involved in bid wars. If you have been outbid, simply forget about it and move on. Re-adjusting prices will become very time consuming, regardless if you would still be making a profit. In the long run this time spent will not be worth the coins made.