Runescape player suggested micropayments

Jagex is actively looking for player suggested content pertaining to Solomon’s General Store and cosmetics, please provide them with your ideas, suggestions, what you’d like to see in game and also provide constructive criticism and critique for current cosmetics in order to improve the quality of cosmetics :3

About 44:40 minutes into the “Live Q&A with CEO Mark Gerhard & VP Daniel Clough” youtube video, I believe it was Daniel Clough who replied to my question:
“Can we expect to see more player suggested micro transactions such as exclusive hairstyles, skin tones, items etc.”
Daniel Clough:
“I think it would be pretty cool, obviously we want it to be a little sensitive to micro transactions and I think going in there asking for suggestions is not something that we’ve done particularly for these reasons so far.
But I think that’s a really cool idea, we should do it!”

With that being said, I wish to gather this wonderful and passionate community to input your wishlist of what you’d like to see implemented on SOF and Solomon’s General Store.
I’ll round up a couple of my personal suggested micro transactions along with other suggestions form players in order to further help our goal in one day to see our suggestions flourish :3
I shall ask the owners of various threads permission to have their suggestions seen here.
TL;DR – Tell Jagex what you’d like to see implemented on SOF/Solomon whether it is cosmetic, item related, convenience related, etc.

Other Runescape Items Player suggested customizations:
Adjustable tail count (Related to Kitsune, or Fox with multiple tails)
Relate feline outfit with “nekomata” or “Forked cat” with two tails.
Relate fox outfit with “Kitsune” or “Spirit fox” with up to nine tails.
Adjustable color schemes applied to all cosmetics, similar to how players can customize Herald capes.
Ability to adjust skin tones and incorporate available skin tones from Makeover mage to Solomon’s General Store, plus “premium” skin tones with a variety of colors.
Example: Demonic skin tone – provides a red demon like skin tone to an avatar.
Additional “Resting” stances.
Fairy, Elemental Fairy, Angel, Seraph, Archangel, Demonic.
Cosmetic wings, exclusive hair styles, exclusive character customization (hip to waste ratio, bust sizes, height, etc.)