Morale of the story

Why should we get nothing special for doing it ALL?

I would like to talk about the recent announcement that the 30 challenge rewards being given at 25 challenges complete. I understand the fact that not everyone is available enough to complete every challenge every day.

However, I feel it’s unfair for those who DO go out of their way and complete all 30 challenges. There should still be SOME sort of reward for completing all of them. At least don’t give away 60k loyalty points for anyone who completes 25 of them. Separate the loyalty points from the cosmetic rewards.

Give us who complete all 30 of Jagex’s daily challenges SOME sort of recognition rather than telling us those last 5 challenges don’t matter unless we want an extra free xp reward.

It does lose value. That shield and 35k loyalty points is now worth 5 less challenges than before. You no longer have to do your choice of 5 challenges as opposed to being forced to do them all to get that reward.

Jagex laid out our prizes and said we get 1 day for every challenge. Why should they go back on their plans? To accommodate for people who already missed 1 or 2 and say “Alright, you can miss up to five.”
That defeats the point of saying you have 1 day for each. If they change the time span of each challenge, it would defeat the purpose of having 30 challenges.
There is one a day, and you get prizes in increments of five. That’s the WHOLE point of Super September.
If that’s too hard for everyone else, I want something, ANYTHING, just to reward me for going after EVERY challenge.

Yeah.. I’m pretty sure Soul Wars is a standard 20 minute game. So if that takes you all day, you shouldn’t play this game. Each challenge is less than 30 minutes of playtime each day. Not too much to ask for IMO.

So those who are willing to get on, if only to do the challenge each day, they SHOULD be glorified. Why do you wanna shun players who are more dedicated to this game than yourself?

Also, Bulldog is only going on for one more day. It is not an all month seasonal hi score.

1. My first thread was here and I felt I rambled too much and didn’t get my true point across. My second thread was in Rants, simply because I wanted to rant.

2. September 25th, the day I’ll be getting the rest of the rewards, is indeed in the future. I’m hoping that they’ll update the rewards by then. Also, I had no idea where else to start this thread; Any suggestions?

3. In one of my other threads, I did say a lot about loyalty and saying people who don’t do all 30 are less loyal. It was clearly pointed out to me that missing an event doesn’t prove disloyalty. This is why I have not said anything about player loyalty in this thread.

I just want a reward (other than xp, which you get for every challenge) for completing all of the challenges.