What to spend it on

Personally, I don’t think either god army really needs 5k coins. Lumbridge needs food money more. Besides, if my predictions for the ending come true, the losing god will teleport away, the winning god will use the same magic used in camp construction to rebuild Lumbridge in their image, and then they will leave.

Notice the lack of provisions. I don’t care what god y’all support, but I see them as equally likely to provide food for the war-torn community. Unfortunately, that likelihood is near to zero. They have a world to subjugate after all.

A little food Runescape Money can go a long way, particularly with how low on max health lumbridge citizens tend to be.

In short: I voted to “spend the money on food aid for Lumbridge.”

If I had a good guarantee of that the Zamorak faction was going to vote for food, I would as well. Unfortunately, given the history of the vote results and how poorly thought out they’ve been, and also given the vast majority of Zamorakian fighters poor reasoning (vast majority, as I said in another thread, I’ve spoken with numerous Zamorakians who have good reasons for doing what they’re doing) I’m voting for Saradomins aid, as still given the poor voting history, I can imagine for either side that, voting to send aid to their respective faction will be the most voted for option. If Saradomins voters don’t have a higher vote margin for either food, or sending aid to Saradomin then Zamoraks aid vote, then Zamorak will have gained a benefit, which I feel is irresponsible to allow. So, I’m going with what I imagine will be the most voted for option, to keep it that way.

Trust me though, I would like to think that the overall community thought things through as well as the notable individuals on the forum did. If I could, I’d vote for food in a heart-beat