Exclusive Grand Lightning Packs!

Between 16th November and 2nd December, redeeming a low-denomination green Game Card (such as the $10 in the US or £7.50 in the UK) will earn you a shocking hairstyle – the ‘Professor’. Redeeming a high-denomination red Game Card (such as $25 in the US or £20 in the UK) bags you an electrifying bonus – the Grand Lightning Pack!

The $25 Game Card Grand Lightning Pack contains the following: The ‘Professor’ Hairstyle and the high-voltage Lightning Staff, which can be converted into four increasingly powerful and awesome-looking tiers, depending on your level:

  • Tier 1: No requirements
  • Tier 2: 20 Attack, 20 Magic
  • Tier 3: 40 Attack, 40 Magic
  • Tier 4: 40 Attack, 60 Magic

On top of this, it can fire off a shockingly cool lightning emote when right-clicked in your inventory or the worn items interface.

There are two packages available:

  • Purchasing a £7.50, $10 (US), €10, or $15 (Aus/NZ) green Game Card will unlock the ‘Professor’ Hairstyle.
  • Purchasing a £20, $25 (US), €25, or $40 (Aus/NZ) red Game Card will unlock the ‘Professor’ Hairstyle, Lightning Staff and Lightning Emote.

This promotion is exclusive to the following retailers:

  • GameStop (USA, EU)
  • EB Games (Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
  • WH Smith (UK)

If you’re unsure where your nearest branch of these stores is, use our handy store locator to find out. Please note that this offer applies to new style red and green Game Card cards only – not the old 30 or 90 day Game Cards.

Redeem your Game Card between 16th November and 2nd December to get your hands on your Grand Lightning Pack!