MU Legend: Class Balance And Roles

In the game, people want to know how is the class balance at end-game. There are some players’ opinion in this game.


If you have high attack and spam spin attack you will keep aggro. Aggro passive and ice claw help also. One player said:” I am curious: how is the class balance in this game at end-game? I’ve been having trouble finding much information on class strengths/weaknesses, builds, or balance, and a lot of what I’ve found is conflicting. For example, I found some people saying whisperer is the lowest dps class and horrible in PVP, and others saying it’s the best in both by far. I’ve found some people saying dark lord is useless as a tank and bottom tier in damage, and others saying it’s the best at both, can solo all current game content, and dominate any other class in PVP without flinching. It seems like there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and I just want to have an idea of how balanced things are before I start my character, as well as what I can expect from each class at end-game. I’m a blader right now, but not fully committed to the class yet.”

Another player said:” Whisperer has a really high gear requirement. It seems very powerful in lower content with bombardment and stuff, but I feel the last class soul stone is really what will make whisperer crazy.” He added a few more about this,:” Torment magnet with smoke screen and multi kill is extremely powerful. I use it a lot solo, and it’s great for teams. You might not hit the highest dps of your party, but smoke screen 50% evade and the stun from torm helps your party so much.”

And later, One person also said:” Former top end whisperer here. Had 240k hp, 50 cdr, 30 crit, 20 evasion and best green crests for all skills. Trust me when I️ say this, you will get 2 shot by a blader in pvp and don’t even think about killing a top end DL lol. The games balance is a joke. Just reroll warmage, it’s best class in pvp and pve at end game meta. Also had over 3k attack with a 80 hysteria and I️ felt like I️ did no dps on top end players.”

One player said ‘whisperer has a really high gear requirement.’ But if you want to improve your game character equipment, and you not have MU Legend Zen, then you can find and buy in