What Are The New Content And Features In PoE 3.2

In Path of Exile, many collectors of poe currency may know, the Bestiary Challenge League will come. In the meantime, GGG has announced the patch notes of 3.2. Today, we will overview the minor new content and features of PoE 3.2.

The Witch can now select Lesser Poison Support as a quest reward upon reaching Lioneye’s Watch. The Shadow is no longer offered Lesser Poison Support as a quest reward for reaching Lioneye’s Watch (since he should already have it), and is offered Elemental Proliferation instead.

Path of Exile

Unique poe items dropped by bosses in special areas such as the Apex of Sacrifice, the Shaper’s Realm, and Breach Domains are now allocated to the area’s creator. This also applies to Blessings dropped by Breachlords. Added 3D art for Debeon’s Dirge.

Characters deleted during an event (such as a race) are no longer removed from the ladder and can still be awarded prizes. Made improvements to Zana’s Atlas questline – in particular to the sequences featuring the Shaper and Elder. Completing Zana’s Atlas quests now grants Zana Experience. It’s easier to reach level 8 with her now.

When you use your Stash, the in-game chest now opens. It’s like you’re really there! The patcher now does significantly fewer writes during the “Allocating Space” part of the patching process. Updated several vendor recipes to now output Shaped or Elder items if all the input items were also Shaped or Elder.

More skills can now burn the grass. The Purifier has received new skill effects for its sword-creating projectile skills. Glacial Cascade’s effect now fades out, rather than popping out. The Dancing Dervish now carries across any cosmetic affects applied to it when it is Manifested.

Improved the way Sire of Shards works with weapon effects. Storm Barrier now clearly states that it does not support Minion skills. Added new Help Panel pages. For more detailed information, you can visit the official website.

Improved Achievement-checking functionality in cases where the Achievement server can’t be reached. Streamlined Zana’s ‘Take Shaper’s Orb’ dialogue options. Now the one option handles all available poe orbs. Added support for using Harbinger’s Orbs and Horizon Orbs on the most recent map series. Improved the appearance of metal throughout the game.