FIFA 16 comes trickier to win

FIFA 16 Two football simulation game franchises like between Android and iOS fans eternal war, enthusiastic supporters – Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA – has always claimed that they are the best soccer game simulator. Trevor Tan attempt both to choose the winner. More tactics now, like Pro Evolution Soccer Game The Fifa football series has always delighted gamers with its slew of incremental upgrades in the yearly releases. However, this year’s Fifa 16 feels like a step back to Fifa 12, in which tactics, and not brawn, are the key to winning a match. you can no longer rely on speedy players to outrun the opposition and score. Your speedy players would be either dispossessed or tackled before they can even make a turn. Want past midfield is strong, with players able to make accurate tackls and intercepting. It takes much longer to string passes together, find pockets of space to exploit, and deliver killer through passes for a player to score. That is, if he manages to beat the goalkeeper. The player’s shooting ability, his speed and the way the ball bobbles before he strikes it all play a part in determining whether the ball ends up at the back of the net. Yet the opposition can often cut through your defence like a hot knife through butter, with a simple through pass, or avoid your tackles as if your defenders were not there. In short, Fifa 16 has become more like Pro Evolution Soccer – more tactical and requiring more thought. And it probably requires more practice and training, too. So you might have to swallow your ego and dial back on the difficulty level. That said, Fifa 16 remains as gorgeous as before, with all the players’ faces and the teams’ jerseys faithfully reproduced down to the finest detail, such as hairstyles and facial hair. I like the new Fifa Ultimate Team Draft mode. It lets you pick a player out of a random five for each position. You can assemble your own squad with superstars, such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and challenge different opposition teams. My favourite mode, Career, where you create your avatar and play him from rookie to superstar, now includes pre-season games and weekly training. A great way to improve at a faster rate and become a legend. Attention to detail is excellent FIFA 16. My picture hattrick display when he got the game ball from the referee after the game clips. Very good play.