Thwart scammers and coin sellers, EA Sports hopes

FIFA 15 News – FIFA 15 explains changes to thwart scammers and coin sellers in Ultimate Team. Still more are coming to the game’s “Transfer Market,” where soccer players are traded for the game’s virtual currency. More news about FIFA 15 on

Ultimate Team, an enormously popular card-collection/management mode in the FIFA series that’s also enormously popular with scammers and phishers, imposed price-range limits on players last week and ended access to the Transfer Market for two companion apps back in February.

Both steps were meant to thwart online thieves and reduce their influence over Ultimate Team’s virtual economy. Fair-playing users, however, responded with enough questions as to why the steps were taken that EA Sports today recapped what this was all about, and what’s coming next.

Thwart scammers and coin sellers, EA Sports hopes


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Price ranges set a floor and ceiling on a card’s sale price. Basically, with so much fraudulent currency dumped on the market by scammers, prices for desirable players had inflated well out of reach of those playing the game legitimately.

A minimum price, however, is necessary to battle the fraudulent exchange of coins. EA Sports forbids coin sales, and the only way to obtain them is through the game itself, but coin sellers have still found ways to pull off exchanges through distorted Transfer Market sales. Coin sellers often use players with listed values much lower than their maximum range to transfer coins.