FIFA 15 Gameplay Issues:FIFA 15 XBOX 360 Unable to Update Squads

Along with the release of FIFA 15, kind of issues and bugs occur from time to time interrupting you with FIFA 15 coins winning. Here comes a new issue on FIFA 15 XBOX 360 that players cannot update their squads. What exactly is the issue and the probably damage? Read on to find the answer.

The XBOX 360 issue is that FIFA fans cannot update their squads. Everything goes smoothly including the connection when one begins to play the game. But issue happens on the latest squad. When someone wants to download a new squad, the game always crashes and completely freezes when it is close to complete that he has to turn it off. Beside, there are other FIFA fans saying that the same issue happened when they wanted to download the latest squads or if they tried to get into kick off mode their game freezes.

Possible Damage of this Issue
EA announces that they are now investigating the issue and apologize for the inconvenience. Namely, there are no official solutions provided so far, so you’d better not click any links saying about solutions or asking for your account logging details. The links might be spam phisher websites which are unsecure for your account and you might get you account hacked. What you can do now is waiting for the official solution since the investigation is undergoing already or you can keep on playing you FIFA 15 with your origin squad.

This issue occurred on FIFA 15 XBOX 360 version, so you are really lucky if you play on XBOX ONE or other FIFA 15 versions like FIFA 15 PS4. You can play your game without interrupting. If you want cheap FIFA 15 coins PS4, welcome to fifa15-coins where coins are 100% safe with fast delivery. Have fun!

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