Importance in the development of RUNESCAPE3

Now, all who have registered for the test program RUNESCAPE players can access HTML5 beta test client. If you have not the opportunity to discover this new game client to connect to the current beta testing!

Note: Do not forget, you can enter a new beta version of major technical update, although we have made some improvements, customers will not be able to stabilize or respond to a client’s main game. Through your comments and game data we collect, these problems can be solved, but now, we ask you to be careful when you go to a place, it is possible to lose their belongings. If in doubt, it is wise to play in the main game client.

All the players have expressed their interest in testing procedures also subscribe RUNESCAPE RUNESCAPE’s (and the players took advantage of subscription will provide gold and silver statue) can now connect to the client testing.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape GoldRunescape Powerleveling

The first few months launched RUNESCAPE3, two-part test program will be available to all users, will also be possible to find a new system interface through the HTML5 client. We will give you more information about it very quickly, so keep your eyes wide open!

Your opinion is absolutely necessary. Who is your Runescape game you want to and your needs, your desires are very important in the development of RUNESCAPE3.

Thank you to all those who have participated in the test program, and give us feedback RS3 gold medals. Please continue to send us your comments!