First two items i’m confused

“Anyone who is a member for a year receives an exclusive milestone reward, with further items for continuous years of membership. Note that this only counts back since the Loyalty Programme first went live, so no-one will get more than the first two items today.”

I’ve been a member for a long time. I’m still paying the original $5 price, therefore; I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been a member since the Loyalty Programme went live.

Last time I checked, my Loyalty Programme thing said 11 months, assuming it’s 12 months now since I have the crown.If it started July 28th, 2011 then why did I only get the 1yr crown?
I have never dropped membership. Like I said, I am still paying the original $5 a month instead of the *7.95 that is being charged now.

Also, I enrolled the day it started. I never missed a day.

I have 180k loyalty points, a 50k title, a 25k title, Vampyrism, Penance, Wisdom, Jack of All trades, Reverance, 2 costumes, and a recolor coming out to 368,100 points.
I’m pretty sure I have enough points to cover those 2 yrs.