Pickpocketing is one of the major aspects of thieving

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Pickpocketing is one of the major aspects of thieving since there are so many characters to pick pocket around RuneScape. To pick the pocket of a NPC, right click on it and select “Pickpocket.”

If you are successful, you will have gained some loot and thieving experience. If you fail, the NPC will stun you. When you are stunned, you will be unable to move.

Remember the higher the Thieving level you have, the lower the chance that you will fail.

Pick pocketing will usually bring the best experience for thieving enthusiasts. The best NPC’s to thieve from for the most efficient training would be Men/Women, Warrior women, Warriors, Rogues, Master farmers, Guards, Desert bandits, Knights of Ardougne, Yanille Watchmen, and Paladins.

On January 10, 2010, Jagex released an update to Agility that would make things more beneficial. Thieving was one of the 3 skills that would receive benefits, alongside Fishing and Hunter. Now, you have the opportunity to pickpocket some NPCs multiple times instead of just once! The higher the Thieving level the NPC requires, the higher your Agility level has to be.

In order to double pickpocket, your Thieving level needs to be 10 levels higher than usual, and your Agility 10 levels below that. For triple pickpocketing, your Thieving level must be 20 levels higher than usual, with your Agility level 10 below that once more. Last but not least, in order to quadruple pickpocket someone, your Thieving level must be 30 levels higher than usual, and Agility 10 behind again. However, when you get to higher level NPCs, you won’t be able to necessarily double, triple, or quadruple pickpocket them.

You’ll know when you successfully pickpocket someone multiple times because if you double pickpocket, you will have both of your hands pull out an item, triple being three items, and quadruple four. Additionally, your chatbox will say when you have done so. You can click to pickpocket someone again, even while this emote is going on.