The RS Gold PK system decription of Bloody journey

People baulk at the commitment because they need to count kills in game. Of course buying Runescape Money service from us will make the game more interesting .At first glance ,it seems like a lot of work to count the kills, but look a little deeper and you’ll notice that it’s really not hard at all.

There is quite a few different ways to count kills, but a lot of them are open to error. We’ll list 4 different methods on this post to help count kills in Runescape. Please choose one of them, if you have a different method, please explain it.

Method 1: Prayer Exp: To do it, you simply need to bury all of the bones that you receive from Dragon Killing(runescape gold). It’s more useful at Metals, Method 2 is better for Blacks. At the start of the trip, record your Prayer Exp. You can order Runescape powerleveling service on our site at anytime.

Once your done the trip (and you’ve buried all bones) look at your ending exp. Find the difference between the two, and divide by 72. That’s how many dragons you’ve killed. Make sure that you have a way to differentiate between Steels and Irons.

Method 2: 100% Drops: This one is self explanatory, and is generally best for Dragons where you have lots of inventory space. It consists of picking up the 100% Drops from the Dragon and banking them. For Blacks and KBD either the Hides or Bones (or both), Miths could be Bones or Bars, and Wyverns could also be Bones. This method is not recommended for Metals(rs gold).

Method 3: Manual Counting: Manual Counting is something like making a Tally Chart and adding to it each kill. It doesn’t have to be a Tally either, it could be a spreadsheet, or a log too. Just basically something that you add to every time to keep track of kills.You canĀ  buy runescape.