look out for the new TzHaar quest – The Brink of Extinction

The Evolution of Combat is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds. The new system will allow us to make some truly awe-inspiring combat content in the future: look out for the new TzHaar quest – The Brink of Extinction; the Kalphite King; Wilderness Warbands and more, as described in Mod Mark’s recent Behind the Scenes Special Edition.

Naturally, development of the combat system itself will continue, as with any key part of the game. Since the last beta build, we’ve implemented boosts to the effectiveness of stat-boosting prayers and potions, as well as improving your hit chance while fighting against a combat style that you’re weak or neutral against. We won’t stop there, so keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep working to ensure that RuneScape combat is always as deep, rewarding and downright spectacular as it should be.

Above all, enjoy the Evolution of Combat – you’ve earned it!

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

  • Weapon overrides in Solomon’s General Store have been updated to work in both the main and off hands, with separate selections possible for each hand.
  • The following override and weapon type combinations do not currently work in the off-hand. We are working on implementing a fix for these as soon as possible. In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. All other combinations should work as intended, but please submit a bug report if you encounter anything out of the ordinary that’s not listed here:If you like your kills visceral, you’ll love the gloriously gory brutal weaponry reskins, now available from Solomon’s General Store!
    • Scorching Axe: hatchet
    • Pactbreaker Longsword: scimitar
    • Assassin Scimitar: straight-bladed swords listed here.
    • Dwarven Warsuit Longsword: scimitar
    • Seaborne Blade: short sword
    • Cleaver of Tsutsaroth: scimitar
  • Graphical improvements to existing weapons, previously only available in the Evolution of Combat Beta, are now live in the game. These cover weapons from bronze, right up to dragon.
  • Those of you waiting for your Mad Scientist outfits and/or your Combat Academy survey XP rewards will receive them later this week.