One Disadvantage of Longshot In Madden 18 You Should Know

Longshot mode for Madden 18 has been revealed for few days, and the degree of his popularity has slowly changed, before most people are like this new model, almost no one does not like. But now, more and more people began to calm down the reason to analyze the game mode in the end is good or bad.




I’m all for this Longshot mode if it was the cherry on top, being that I’m not forced to play it, but I really hope that EA has fixed and improved upon their gaffs from Madden ’17.

Can we play the Pro Bowl now? Is there league expansion? Can we import draft classes? Do we have a draft board? Is it easier to put backups in? There are so many things that Madden could be improving on for this year’s game, but I feel like Longshot is the focal point based on how they’ve pitched it. I care about the NFL gameplay experience.

This is one Madden player’s review about Longshot, he said EA Sport should not mix the story and the game together which will lead to they could not focus on their core gameplay, even they will loss more because of a small loss.

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