Mu Legend Has Similar Or Removed Content From Mu Online

Looking back on the development of Mu Legend, previously, Mu Legend was called as Mu 2. However, the development of Mu 2 began in the first half of the 2000s, nonetheless, in 2011, the project was canceled. The restart took place in 2011 to recreate the sensations that players received from the cult of the original Mu Online.

Mu Legend

The plot part of Mu Legend begins with the fact that Ikarus could not stop the resurrection of Kundun, and to solve the problem sent the heroes to the past. During a time travel, they lose their memory. On the way to the return of memories and the mission, adventurers have to overcome many challenges.

What’s more, from the content similar or removed from the original Mu Online, the developers noted the mission of Blood Castle (a large PvE event to capture the castle), Jewel of Bless stones, a system of wings and mounts, as well as heroes that players meet on the plot. Now, you can take advantage of chance to buy cheap Mu Legend Zen on well-known website like U4GM.

Currently, Mu Legend is gradually in the focus of the game press. Various facebook, twitter and other social media, and official website such as U4GM, and these platforms have been posted a wealth of information, ensuring that information about the game is nowhere. The hottest information is source from here.