Fallout 76 Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet Details

Fallout 76 has a number of fun and decorative items, with the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet being a popular holiday-themed headgear. In this article, we’ll go over the main details of the helmet and how to get it, including how to buy hats and other decorations in Fallout 76, as well as information on buy fallout 76 caps.

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Introducing the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet

Set Composition

The Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet is part of the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Set. The set includes the helmet and costume, allowing players to dress up as the holiday turkey in full costume. In addition to the decorative items, players can search for .45 round to learn how to purchase weapons in the game to enhance their combat skills and gameplay experience.

Decorative Items

The Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet is a purely decorative item that can be worn on top of any equipped armor without affecting gameplay attributes or protection. This gives players the freedom to mix and match to create a personalized character look.

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How to get it

Players can purchase the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet from the Atomic Shop, an in-game store in Fallout 76 that specializes in a variety of decorative items and customization options. The complete Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot set (including the helmet) can be purchased from the Atomic Shop for 900 Atomic Points (Atoms). During certain promotions, such as the Thanksgiving Day Sale, the set was once sold for 630 Atoms (30% off).

Exterior Design

The design of the helmet reflects the Thanksgiving theme, with an appearance that resembles the head of a turkey. Although no specific visual details were provided in the search results, it is safe to assume that the design is festive and has typical turkey characteristics.


Like other pieces of jewelry in Fallout 76, the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet allows players to customize their character’s appearance to make them more unique and stand out in the wasteland world of Appalachia. This holiday-themed helmet is perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving in the game, allowing players to feel the joy of the holiday as they explore and adventure.

The Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet offers Fallout 76 players a unique and festive character customization option. Purchased from the Atomic Store or obtained at a discounted price during select promotions, players can add some holiday cheer and personalize their character. More than just a decorative item, this helmet is a fun way for players to express their style and celebrate the holidays in the wasteland world of Appalachia.

We hope this article has helped you better understand the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Helmet and inspired you to explore more decorative items in Fallout 76.