Stormblood: A Huge Chunk Of New Content For Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most beautiful massively multiplayer RPGs gameplay, it has gotten even more beautiful with its Eastern expansion, ramping up atmospheric effects while delivering gorgeous locations filled with strange new creatures. Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, as a huge chunk of new content for Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to check out more tips, tricks, and information on Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

 Final Fantasy XIV

Stormblood is the second of these expansions, adding a story that is by now almost seven years old, since it began with the launch of the now discontinued version 1.0 in 2010. The history lesson isn’t just a random factoid, as Stormblood‘s story delivers on plot points that are deeply rooted in the past of the game.

Visually, Stormblood certainly isn’t a radical departure from the previous chapters of the game. The development team managed to create really charming environments and beautiful vistas that satisfy the most demanding explorers. Each area is strongly focused on a theme, and seems to be created on purpose not only to facilitate gameplay, but also for taking plenty of great screenshots.

Another great element of the expansion is the battle encounters across all manner of content. There are several new dungeons, and all are scenic and entertaining. Most of them are a bit longer than those recently implemented in the game, and offer a sensible increase in challenge. FFXIV4GIL was considered as the best Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling supplier, now access to FFXIV4GIL.