Runescape 3 divination further of improvements

Chronicle Fragments:
Instead of turning this “friendly social skill” into a massive competition for chronicle fragments, why not allow multiple people to get the same fragment as they could before your first hotfix? If the hunter xp becomes an issue, why not rebalance it and keep this feature?


Divination as a skill does hold some strong potential. Don’t make it dead on arrival by some poor design choices.

Just wanted to point out that transmutation is not about the money, its about taking surplus lower tiered resources and converting them to higher tier resources. If it gave more gold thank it takes it would simply tank the economy in a very funny way. Example: adamant bars would go up in price to match the price of runite ore when you buy 6.

Xp gains:
Don’t enforce a bottleneck in xp by having those that afk get exactly as much xp as those that want to pay attention. The ability to harvest from wisps more quickly if you repeatedly clicked one or clicked between two wisps was a great way to provide incentive to those wanting to pay attention for their xp while not being too horribly broken. Either revert your hotfix that removed this “feature” (it’s not a bug, it’s a feature) or implement a similar mechanic with xp rates slightly reduced from the old one that you feel is more balanced. Don’t force people to not be playing your RS 2007 Gold game for xp.