RS3 divination reward tweaks

Signs of the Porter:
must be equipped in order to utilize their banking effects. If a player is truly going for xp in mining, fishing, or woodcutting, then it would be far more beneficial to use juju potions, log splitting/rock crushing scrimshaws, or the tackleboxes. Thus, in order for signs of the porter to see more use by players, it should be able to activate its effect from either the inventory or the pocket slot.


Portents of Restoration:
As they provide healing that is identical to that of fish at the same tier, there is not much of a reason to not just use the food instead. Even if the portents don’t interrupt combat when they activate (just a guess, I have not tested for sure), the extra effort to make them isn’t worth being healed the same amount. To rectify this, why not have the portents heal 5 or 10% more than the equivalent food so as to provide some incentive without being too powerful.

Portents of Passage:
If you have fairly high levels in all the other skills, these items become fairly useless past level 25 Divination. At this level, portents of passage allow you to open doors 6 levels above your own. Since skill doors never go above 105, what reason is there for high levels to use portents that give up to a 20 level cushion? In order for these to not be forgotten, why not raise the cap on skill doors to 110 or even 115 so that one has to use portents to get through?

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Transmute runite ore takes 6 adamantite ore (ge price: 15,600) and turns it into one runite ore (ge price: 10,489). Why would anyone do this if it’s always a loss? Either buff the xp gain, reduce the ore required, or perhaps transmute into bars of the ore.