Does the losing runescape god die

A J Mod needs to confirm this right now! The one thing about this game that keeps me playing today is the lore. By killing other gods, Jagex will kill the lore! I don’t want ANY of the gods to be killed off too early, if at all! I would prefer that they all stay alive. It would be fun to keep the conflict going, and a lot of awesome quests could come from it! I don’t even want them to kill of Zaros, and that’s saying something! I don’t want to spend the next 9 weeks worrying about whether or not my god, or any god, will die. I would prefer not wasting my time on a game that will kill my favorite part: the lore.

I would love J Mod confirmation!

I kind of feel the same, but I think Zamorak’s death could give us awesome quests too. I hope no one dies but I’ve accepted it might happen. I guess it’d be okay if they gave some way to keep on following Zamorak’s philosophy.Well yes, but this event made me believe that Jagex can and will make bad decisions.

In a perfect world none of the gods would die but they’ll do it just for some tears. Just to say it’s emotional. The dying god telling how he always wanted to help everyone and stuff.It would be cool to see some of gods discussing their views, and why they’re right, before getting into a fight.