Runescape Agilityspan

As many of you may know, Jagex is releasing a new method of training for Agility. Now, I have absolutely no issue with it BUT, please don’t kill my Agility cape that made me go nearly insane of achieving… ;-P

But what I mean is, I got 94 Runecrafting the old fashioned way, and I’m only doing Runespan to 99 since you need Rank 1 Esteem for Trimmed Completionist Cape and since Double Nats aren’t what they used to be, might as well. But anyways Runespan killed the Runecrafting Cape and especially my confidence in having a high Runecrafting level after spending about 300 hours getting it. So I just beg you Jagex, please don’t ruin Agility Capes… :-/

Ideas on how to not ruin it:

Make the new method (which I’m going to assume is going to be less painful to train Agility with) less xp/hour than traditional methods.

Only one problem: The community

If it isn’t the fastest xp/hr, it doesn’t matter how fun it is. It’s dead content on release day unless they make it part of completionist.

I understand that you don’t want the old cape devalued and you have a point. I just don’t know how they’ll manage to avoid that.

If they made the new method less XP/hour then it would be more painful anyway.
Agility isn’t too bad with horn as it is. I do agree the new way to train it shoulden’t be as easy as Runescape Gold made RC, and I think what Agility really needs is USEFULNESS, not a new training method.