Return of runescape zaros a clue

Look to your left. Do you see it? A possible clue that hints towards the return of another God? A pink and purple orb, sparking with magic and energy sitting atop what appears to be the Wizard’s Tower near Draynor Village! Does it not bare similarities to the one that Zamorak exited from behind Lumbridge Castle? What purpose does it hold? I have never seen it in game, yet it exists in art for RS 3 Gold.

What is this Castle which sits to my right? Is it the Ghorrock fortress? Frozen in the wastelands of deep wilderness? Are these connections hinting at more, or am I a simple fool who is making connections out of coincidences?

Although I do enjoy this art, I must say some details have me puzzled. I don’t recall RS having as much water as portrayed in the image. I believe that Lumbridge is burning to the far left, and the “Clan Citadel” is floating beyond the horizon. Which city to to the right? It appears to be Falador, but I cannot confirm, only speculate.

I wish to hear your input. What do you make of the art that is beside us? (For those of you who cannot see, I unfortunately do not have an answer)