Runescape divination speculations

So we know that divination is coming out soon and next weeks bts will be talking about it. but what are some of your ideas? here is mine and a friend’s.

I see that the Fissures in the ground ( the green cracks that we see in lummy) will be used somehow for divination. If this is the case, a friend and I were discussing that maybe these pockets of energy will be spreading throughout the world as Guthix energy is released.

we know that Guthix has died, and we know that divination is a gathering skill. so if Guthix essence was seeped into the ground and now that energy is released onto the world.. could we be gathering that energy? We know that Zammy was interested in this stuff, so much that he was willing to fight over it. It has to be important!

It may be the case. I remember hearing that the new skill ties in with the god content. If that is true, then this world event is the precursor to the new skill.

Also, the world event is 2 months long, the new skill is set to be released 4 weeks after RS 3 Gold. That would mean the second half of the battle of lumbridge will feature divination?