Make runescape pray potions F2P

Everyone, P2P or F2P can agree on the fact that non-member players get poor treatment, as there is no skillcapes nor nearly enough quests like there are on member servers. But what struck my mind as my members ended and I went on F2P worlds is how Prayer Potions are not drinkable and not utilized on F2P servers- but why?

I feel that if there is a skill allowed on a server, the basic supplies that go along with the skill should be utilized. It makes no sense why F2P players can’t utilize prayer potions in clan wars, pking, and training as those are the main places F2P players can go to for enjoyment. While there may not be PvM bosses and quests that require prayer on F2P servers, what would hurt for them to be made accessible and usable for all players? One reason the active number of Runescape players goes done steadily is because the mere F2P servers have no incentive for enjoyment and play.

One way Jagex could evolve the Runescape 3 Gold community is by allowing F2P players to utilize this prayer potions, which could lead to new quest bosses that require so. This change would allow the quest makers to be more flexible as the ending bosses and inhabitants could be stronger and require more resources- which is where protect prayers could come in handy. This isn’t however a significant change as new prayers wouldn’t be introduced, which could make members seem not AS beneficial, for non-members could enjoy some PvM here and there.

The fact that simple pray potions aren’t accessible on non-member servers, at their basic use, is absurd. We know by now that member servers have clear advantages , but we keep forgetting about the F2P percentage, which will dwindle down if there isn’t a reason to stay any longer. Not everyone can afford the monthly pay for members, so let’s not treat the F2P crowd as if they’re non-existent.

There are prayers on F2P , yet no potions, weird huh? We have quest bosses, clan wars, and training combat , yet no one can utilize prayers- like it’s useless. Why pray for 2minutes tops, and have to recharge pray by altar?

Use some common sense before you comment. Members have PLENTY more than F2P , it will never be comparable, 6-7 dollars to use a potion is absurd, not to mention its not like F2P asks for new prayers.