Escape from Tarkov: The Best Weapons Guide|2021

Escape from Tarkov is an incredibly realistic first-person shooter. The developers wanted the player to be limited to what a real soldier would experience – in any case, as much as possible for the game.

Want to know how many rounds are left in your gun magazine? This is not the case in this game, indicated by the number in the lower corner of the screen; no, your character is actually looking down at the magazine to see how many rounds it has. As with most FPS games, Escape from Tarkov has an arsenal of weapons available to players. Using the best weapons (and ammo) is vital to the survival and preservation of your Escape from Tarkov items.

Vepr Hunter/VPO-101

Escape from Tarkov Weapon: Vepr Hunter/VPO-101

Vepr Hunter – semi-automatic assault carbine; For those who don’t know the carbine, this is a small rifle. This rifle offers an excellent balance of accuracy, ergonomics, and rate of fire. This shotgun has more recoil and shorter range than most of the shotguns on this list. The recoil problem is somewhat mitigated by the use of semi-automatic weapons rather than fully automatic weapons. With the right ammo, this weapon can kill foes with a single hit, even if they have decent armor. With a scope and several other attachments, the Vepr Hunter / VPO-101 is a very reliable semi-automatic sniper rifle.

FN P90

Escape from Tarkov Weapon: FN P90

The FN P90 is a great submachine gun and a great choice for players who prefer to get a little closer to an enemy before attacking them. This compact shotgun is extremely ergonomic, has a higher rate of fire than most weapons in the game, and doesn’t suffer much from vertical recoil – on the other hand, horizontal recoil can be problematic. The only real downside to the P90 is the firing range and possibly too high a rate of fire (the magazine empties very quickly). However, the short distance is not that terrible. Your accuracy increases as you get closer to the enemy, and this weapon usually has an advantage in ergonomics and rate of fire over what the enemy is using.

Springfield Arsenal M1A

Escape from Tarkov Weapon: Springfield Arsenal M1A

Springfield Arsenal M1A is one of the most versatile and upgradeable weapons in the game. Plus, with the right ammo, this shotgun is incredibly powerful – it can kill even heavily armored opponents with a single shot. The M1A is a semi-automatic rifle that is effective at long-range and deadly accuracy. Like most rifles, it has a recoil problem; however, the recoil of the M1A (vertical and horizontal) is not as bad as other rifles in the game. Many of the “best” gun lists in Escape from Tarkov put the VSS Vintorez ahead of the M1A simply because it comes standard with a silencer. M1A performance is better than VSS Vintorez – all of them.


Escape from Tarkov Weapon: HK MP7

HK MP7 is a very famous firearm among first-person shooter players. In most games like Escape from Tarkov, the MP7 is usually the top-tier weapon. It also ranks among the best weapons in this game. The MP7 has an excellent ergonomic rating and has a higher rate of fire than the P90. It compares to the P90 in many ways, with the exception of two important areas where it outperforms the P90. The MP7 has less recoil than the P90 and has a longer range. Just replace the sights as soon as possible and get a PK-06 red dot scope.

Remington R11 RSASS

Escape from Tarkov Weapon: Remington R11 RSASS

There is a lot of controversy among Escape from Tarkov players about which is better – R11 RSASS or M1A. The M1A SASS variant is comparable to the R11 RSASS, but the basic M1A doesn’t fit very well. The M1A is much cheaper, but otherwise, the R11 RSASS is the best weapon. The R11 RSASS has better ergonomics than the M1A, which makes its aiming speed slightly better. When faced with an enemy, the split-second difference due to better ergonomics is often the difference between life and death (and the loss of equipment).

DVL-10 Saboteur

Escape from Tarkov Weapon: DVL-10 Saboteur

For players looking to engage silently with an enemy at a great distance, there aren’t many better weapons than the DVL-10 Saboteur in Escape from Tarkov. This bolt action rifle has a surprisingly high rate of fire and very low recoil for rifles. It also has excellent ergonomics for such a bulky pistol. All of these factors work in concert to make subsequent shots more accurate. The DVL-10 also comes standard with a silencer and is collapsible, which helps a lot with this game’s inventory management system. The DVL-10 has a longer range, lower overall recoil, and a higher muzzle velocity than the M1A, but also a much lower rate of fire.


Escape from Tarkov Weapon: AK-74N

AK-74 is a more modern version of the legendary (or infamous) AK-47. It is an assault rifle capable of switching between fully automatic and semi-automatic firing modes. The N in the AK-74N stands for night vision capabilities, so this weapon is great for poorly lit areas. This weapon has a very, very high muzzle velocity. With the right ammo, this weapon has incredible power and can make Swiss cheese out of body armor. The ergonomics of the AK-74N are not the best, but they can be improved with improvements. The recoil is only slightly worse than the best assault rifles in the game.


Escape from Tarkov Weapon: AS VAL

AS VAL is an assault rifle that comes standard with a silencer. Assault rifles can have a long effective range but are best used at medium range. At medium range, having a silencer is great for maintaining anonymity during combat. This weapon has a very low muzzle velocity, so its penetration is low. However, the low muzzle velocity means that this weapon has very little recoil. The ergonomics of this weapon are just a few points lower than the best assault rifles on this list. AS VAL is collapsible, which simplifies inventory management.

HK 416A5

Escape from Tarkov Weapon: HK 416A5

The last two entries are almost identical when it comes to gun ratings. The HK 416A5 has much better ergonomics than other weapons; this gives him an advantage at the start of the fight. It also has a higher rate of fire, is more accurate, and has slightly less recoil. The HK 416A5 has a good firing range and high accuracy. Apart from all this, the HK 416A5 has a fair amount of modifications available. Needless to say, this weapon is a favorite among players.

Colt M4A1

Escape from Tarkov Weapon: Colt M4A1

It is widely considered to be the best pistol in Escape from Tarkov. Colt M4A1 has an almost unmatched set of ratings; its rate of fire, recoil levels, range (for an assault rifle), ammunition, and ergonomics are all at the level of the best weapon. What this weapon has in comparison to other weapons in the game is the number of modifications available to it. The 100-round drum magazine alone makes this weapon far more dangerous than any other weapon on this list, and with some stabilization tweaks, makes the M4A1 the best light machine gun in the game.