Blocked Kicks Are Scripted In Madden 18

The game is a scripted animation based mess. True physics would allow kicks to be blocked because a high rated special teams player beats the block off the edge. Just like there’s no ball physics to produce a high bounce when attempting an onside kick. No physics, just pretty art, to a degree that is if you like broken looking kneecaps on the player models. If you want to know more or want to play, and need Madden 18 coins in this game, you can choose U4GM where you can buy cheap Madden 18 Coins.

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You can actually FEEL when it’s going to be blocked. Thank you for breaking it down at slower speeds because you can literally tell when it works. I was playing earlier, down by 5 with 20 seconds in the 4th, and got sacked by a 4 man rush 4 downs in a row from the same d end almost instantly, even with an extra blocked from a tight end and HB, guess that happens when the 80 overall jets play the 90 something overall falcons to the wire huh.

One time I got blocked on a punt in OT to lose. Honestly the best thing they did in Madden this year was to set perfect kicks as unblockable. I mean something that should have been apart of the game from the beginning, this is the most innovative think they’ve done all year!

I have said that blocked kicks/punts should be out of the Madden 18. Nothing you can do as a kicker can prevent it from happening. On defense I get a perfect release EVERY TIME yet I have only blocked 1 kick. It is 100% predetermined scripted BS and it shouldn’t be in Madden 18. Change the kicking mechanic to make it harder but stuff like this is unacceptable.

The kicking animation is different when it’s being blocked, or when it’s a good non blocked, but that doesn’t mean scripting? Wouldn’t scripting mean that the block is randomly generated? I block multiple kicks a game if the user doesn’t hold the button down to mess up my timing. The timing of the RT button is what determines it… and things like the slide back wouldn’t be noticeable until it’s actually broken down like your vid. Which I commend because in all my block kicks I never noticed.

I thought everyone knew that these are scripted, you can feel your kicker taking longer to kick the ball. Knew this as soon as it was implemented into the game. The kicking process slows down out of your control and the same blocked kick animation plays out.