A 14-hour Live Stream Will Be Held By The FFXIV Online Development Team

Final Fantasy XIV is a critically acclaimed MMO’s gameplay, now, this game’s Online community is celebrating the MMO’s fourth anniversary. Stormblood is the second expansion for this game, at the same time, is also a successful expansion. To mark this momentous occasion, a special 14-hour live stream will be held by the Final Fantasy XIV online development team, which spans from September 1 to 2.

Final Fantasy XIV

Players can expect a first look at Patch 4.1 content, where Yasumi Matsuno will join Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida to discuss the upcoming 24-player alliance raid, return to lvalice. Matsuno will write the scenario for the raid as a special guest creator, bringing the world of Ivalice to Final Fantasy XIV Online.

In-game celebrations for the four-year anniversary began this past weekend with The Rising seasonal event, featuring fun activities and exciting rewards for players to earn, find more at here. Above mentioned 14-hour live stream, including the 38th installment of the Letter from the Producer Live series, talk sessions with the development team and other special guests, and fun in-game challenges being tackled by the team.

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