August Marks The Launch Of The First DLC For The Elder Scrolls Online

August marks the launch of the first DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online since the launch of the ESO: Morrowind chapter in June. The DLC Horns of the Reach game pack features two amazing new dungeons, Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forget, plus a great Amount of new items.

The launch next to Horns of the Reach are a series of improvements to the base game available to all players for free, as well as a new PvP battleground mode, Chaosball, and a new map, Arcane University.


The Horns of the Reach dungeon pack is now available on PC and Mac, free for all ESO Plus members, or for purchase through the Crown Crown store of 1,500 crowns. Update 15 general improvements are available free for all players, while Battlegrounds additions are free for ESO owners: Morrowind (Battlegrounds requires ESO: Morrowind). Both will also be released for the adventurers of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 29.

Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, two new and challenging dungeons, confront four groups of players against the threatening hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan. Both dungeons contain unique element sets, monster masks, achievements and collectibles. For more details on wisdom, enemies and rewards, check out the preliminary articles from Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold on the ESO website.

Horns of the Reach is also available in a special collector’s pack, featuring a unique selection of horns from Reach themes, plus the DLC game pack, including the DLC game pack, this limited-time bundle includes the Karthwolf Charger mount, Karthwolf Shepherd pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. This exclusive package is available for a limited time in the crown shop for 3,500 crowns.

Along with Horns of the Reach, ZeniMax Online Studios has also released Update 15 for PCs and Macs, offering a series of global game upgrades that are free for all, as well as great additions to ESO’s new PvP Battlegrounds, which are free for All The owners of ESO: Morrowind. The battleground additions include a new arena, Arcane University, set in the heart of Cyrodiil’s ruined university, as well as a new game mode, Chaosball, in which players must capture and protect a “ball” for earn points for your team.

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