Mu Legend: The Structure And Monsters Of The Dungeon

Mu Legend is described as a 3D MMOARPG, Rumors about Mu Legend appeared as early as 2004, nonetheless, it wasn’t until G-Star 2011 Expo in Busan that it really made it’s appearance under the name of Mu2. MU Legend starts you off as your fully built, fully leveled character and this is really to give you a look at what you can expect from the character you are going to spend time leveling. You needn’t to spend too much time and money on buying cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling.


Mu Legend articulates its gameplay around missions and PvE dungeons, MU Legend is expected to offer four playable classes: the Darklord, a heavy fighter, the Warmage, a caster, the Whisperer, a remote attacking archer, and the blader, specialized in the handling of the blades and whose high level gameplay is revealed in video.

The Rift will take you to undefined places in time, space and even dimensions. Whenever you enter, the structure and monsters of the dungeon will be generated procedurally and positioned according to the level of the character. During certain periods, Rift adds a challenge known as Dark Rift. During these periods, the rewards for those who enter are more plentiful. Mu Legend more features, check out more here:

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