10 Tips And Tricks For Farming In Albion Online

In the previous guide on farm and farm resources in Albion Online, we have given some practical leads to get you started in this activity at best without wasting time. And for those wishing to go further in farming resources, here are some tricks, necessary, to save time and save energy, because farmer in demand. For those who do not like it, to say that it will take an hour or two to search for resources can quickly become a chore that could end the pleasure of the game, then to remedy it here are some tricks that have made Their proofs!


1. Do It All!

If you decide to leave farmer, do not stop in the dungeon, do not try PVP adventures. Empty your bags to the maximum to keep only the necessary (craft tool, one or two potions if you wish). The superfluous is simply useless when one goes to farmer.

You can also take away registers that you will fill by farming, and then give to your NPCs on your island.

2. Select The Farm Zone

Do not go blindly, select your farm zone with precision. If you need 400 woods, start here, and browse the map methodically. Making half the map on the road is useless. Go straight to the basics. Browse the map as if you were mowing your lawn. This may sound ridiculous, but you will not miss any place, and make the map much faster than going anywhere. This is especially true if you do not know the area well. Once you have farmed it many times, it will be easier to spot the farm spots and get there directly.

3. Select Priority Resources

As said before, do not waste time collecting 10 pebbles on a map opposite to where you have 400 or 500 resources to pick up. You will waste time unnecessarily and in farming, time is precious.

4. Pick Up Only Tools You Need

If you start to pick everything up, you will not get away with it, especially if farming is not your cup of tea. To avoid being tempted, take only the tools needed for your farm session. The others leave them in your chest (or do not craft them).

5. Go Group

Especially if you have to farmer components such as skin that requires to kill creatures. This is by far the longest (and most boring) farm in the game, because you will first have to clean before you can harvest. So if you know you’re going to have to kill wild boar and bear, let’s go with a colleague who will clean the land with you and save you precious time. Similarly, try to form a complementary group, one picks up the skins? No worries, the other picks up wood! Wild boars, wolves and other merry-go-rounds are often found near the trees, this duo will have everything to gain by joining for the farm.

6. Avoid Round Trip

If you go farmer, write down on a paper the resources you need and their quantity. This will prevent you from getting to your trunk and realizing that you are missing 4 or 5 minerals.

7. Set A Reasonable Goal

When we farm, we always have a tendency to look at how much we have raised. To avoid getting bored and feeling that nothing is moving, set yourself a reasonable farm goal. 100 resources can be a good start, and if you are well organized, it can go very fast.

8. Avoid PVP Maps To Farmer

If possible, avoid PVP maps to farmer, especially if you’re starting out. In the end it will be more complicated, so if you are forced to go, put a suitable stuff (if you are healer, go farmer with a DPS stuff, it is safer). It can also happen that a Hellgate opens, or that a PVP rush launches on the map where you are. If you see the number of hostile people skyrocketing and small skulls appear close to you, exit the map or, if you are too far from an issue, hide in a corner and log out. Wait an hour or two and come back to put your character in town, empty your bags and leave. On the other hand, if you are in a guild with a good spirit, do not hesitate to call for help by specifying your map and the location where you are so that an escort can be set up quickly and You get out of there.

9. Equipping A Compo Bag

Useful and essential for any good farmer, the compo bag will drastically reduce the weight of your resources. However, you can only carry one bag at a time, so be sure to equip (only for the farm) the one you feel you need most.

10. Provide For Repair

And finally, we’ll tell you that to leave farmer is good, but to be stopped in full session of farm by a broken tool that you have not thought to repair, and that comes to put an end your session, can Window turn to drama. To avoid this two options: first think of taking a replacement tool (the one you use the most, or the resource you plan to farmer) or get a Repair Kit that will repair your equipment for a few coins that will quickly regret your guild’s (shameful and unfair) tax.

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