How to beat Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 15


Cristiano Ronaldo is such an expensive player in FIFA 15. I think I can never afford him. Otherwise, he is such an excellent player to play with or against. As a teammate, he is wonderful. Whereas as an opponent, he is a nightmare. How can we beat him in FIFA 15? What he stop him? Here are some tips.


Ronaldo typically plays the left wing, left midfield or striker. Understanding how to counter formations and using the right choice of player is important.


Position: winger. Ronaldo can use his pace on the wing to get around defenders or he can cut inside and shoot from distance. Speed, stamina, superb finishing coupled with his skill moves, is a recipe for disaster for your defense. Use formations that have very fast full-backs/wing-backs or a player that is very strong to out muscle Ronaldo.


Tips: jockey/contain Ronaldo when he attempts to cross the ball. When chasing on the wing, try to cover the cross or him cutting in to shoot. Zonal marking is necessary.


Position: striker. Though a natural winger, he is even more dangerous as a striker. He is fast, has excellent vision and can finish any of his opportunities. Your ability to disrupt the midfield passing-game is the most important factor in keeping Ronaldo off the scoresheet.


Tips: Use a formation with one or two center defensive midfielders. Due to his speed, you need to be able to anticipate through ball or chips. Ronaldo is excellent in the air so do your best to cut out the cross, if not, try to push him out the way or call the keeper out. Cutting out passes from the midfield will make your life easier.


How to defend him effectively? Use the right stick to change players faster. Risk fouls when counter-attacks are possible. Don’t rush into tackles. Be patient. Don’t get a red card with a silly challenge.


Ronaldo is really strong in the pitch. Maybe with these tips you still can not stop him. Remember it is just a game. Try your best. give big discount for fifa 15 coins in christmas.