Pay attention to the positioning of the players


There are a few components to maintaining possession in FIFA 15 Coins Pro Clubs which all go hand in hand throughout the match.

The first is to pay attention to where your teammates are on the pitch. It is very easy to lose track of where your teammates are on the pitch. Keep track of them, and you may find an opening to slot a through ball or pass through the defense freeing your teammate on a run to goal. The second is to communicate with one another. If you do lose track of your teammates you can easily make a bad pass or even run into your own teammate when they have possession.

When you have possession and a defender is closing in you can quickly change directions with a flick of the right thumbstick or stop your run entirely and protect the ball with left trigger. This works in numerous situations, but especially once an opponent has grown aggressive. They’ll make terrible slide tackles resulting either in free kicks or cards, or they’ll miss entirely giving you ample space with which to work the attack.

The second tip for FIFA 15 Pro Clubs is to know what position you are playing and where you should be on the pitch. If you watch the clips from this week you’ll see how effective a timely run between defenders can be on the attack. The same holds true defensively, too. Your entire Pro Club doesn’t need to attack, and if everyone does you will be extremely vulnerable to a quick lobbed ball over the top.