Sell runescape gold guide


Hey! Everyone! Do you have extra Runescape 2007 gold or RS 3 Gold? If yes, do not waste your gold, you can make your gold into cash from us. Because we are buying Runescape gold. We can pay you the real cash if you sell your rs gold to us.


Now I will guide you how to sell runescape gold to us step by step.

First, you need to make sure you have the minimum amount that we start buying. For rs 2007 gold, we start buying from 5M and for runescape 3 gold, we start buying from 50M. So if you do not have enough amount as we request, you can keep the gold and try to get more, once you have enough amount, you can then contact us to sell.


Second, provided you have enough gold, you can now contact us to sell. There are many ways you can get in touch with us, but the fastest way is to chat us online. You can click the 24/7 Livechat Button on our site and then our operator will talk to you. If you have skype, you can also add our 24/7 skype support, our skype operator will also be able to talk to you at any time once your add request has been accepted.


Third, once you talk to our operator, you will tell us the price you want to sell at. Every day, we have a price range, if your selling price is higher than our maximum buying price, then we will not be able to buy rs gold from you that day. But if your price is in our range, then we will buy all your gold. We will meet you in the game, and you can deliver your gold to us, once we receive your gold, we will ask your paypal email, and then send the money to your paypal instantly.

We not only buy runescape gold, but also buy other game currency. You can check our game categories, for any game we have listed, if you have the game currency of them, you can contact us, and we will buy if your price is reasonable.

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