Runescape3 Death Mechanics of Halloween

In order to address some of the disconnection issues we have temporarily altered what happens when you die. When you die the items you lose on death will not appear to anyone for 3 minutes. For one minute after that, they will appear to the person who died and after that they will appear to everyone. The kill count of players will not reset when you leave the God Wars dungeon either. This will mean that if you have a kill count of 80 or more when you first enter a boss room, should you be disconnected and die you won’t need to get your kill count again to collect your items.


Halloween masks are great, we all have a favourite colour – mine is red. Now, you get another colour Halloween mask to make the decision a bit more complicated. Talk to Diango in Draynor and if you can solve his hauntingly spooky problem by mastering the Ghostbuster 500 you will not only be rewarded with a black Halloween mask, but two red, green and blue Halloween masks, two pumpkins and all the other Halloween special event items.

Deaths resulting from PvP will be unaffected. Welcome to Igxe RS 2007 Gold shop, enjoy!