RS3 Enjoy the Battle of Lumbridge

You may have noticed that the Jagex has prepared some incredible legendary pets to assist players in the Battle. These pets can change their appearance and interact with each other, so with these cute pets you will definitely enjoy more pleasure in the game. Now the pets are available in the store, if you want to gain more information, you can visit the official site of Runescape.


The Battle of Lumbridge is still heating up since its release, but some players, especially the novices still don’t have a good knowledge of this world event. The Battle of Lumbridge is actually a battle between two of the games’ gods, in which you are able to choose the sides you like and influence the result of the story. To some extent, we can say that the future of Gielinor is in your hands. Sounds incredible, right? But it really is, and I believe that’s why the game enjoys great popularity all over the world.

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