Duplicate items

I know a easier way to earn Runescape money.. go in chapter 4-1 (the cave).. get all jewels an make the chain pull crap with sheva at the end…… when youre finished then this big thing is commin but I know a Way to kill it with 5-6 shots…… 3times with grenade launcher.. and 2-3 times with magnum… then it drops the soul Gem 😀 10K and the other things all 20-30k

Duplicate items

Note: This trick requires two gamertags and two controllers. If you only have one gamertag, create a second temporary gamer profile to perform this glitch. First, sign in with both gamertags. Start any chapter. Clear both players inventory slots. Have Chris give Sheva the item(s). Then, have player one quit, and save both profiles. Resume the game, and have Sheva give the item(s) back to Chris. Quit the game again, but only save player one’s profile, and not player two’s profile. Both gamertags should now have the same item(s). You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Start any chapter, and invite another player. Once the other player has joined, have them equip their inventory with the desired items. Then, have the player leave the game. All those items will still be with the player who just left and also with your AI partner. Transfer all the items from your AI partner to your inventory, then send the player an invite again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Playing on Professional all runescape gold finded are multiple por x2, u can try get the jewels killing monster too, like lickers, big shaman, etc… but u need to buy some weapon with infinite ammo, like shotgun or magnum.

Chapter 6-2 is fairly easy. After you get thru the interactive cutscene, you take the Runescape gold chalices out of the lockers (worth 3k a piece), and it also provides ammo farming for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. I always quit and save after I’ve picked up the 2nd chalice to avoid having to engage in combat. Fairly quick once you get in a routine. Watch out for the tentacle grabs on your way through, there are 3 altogether between you and the chalices. 6k a run, plus ammo, not too bad.