The runescape battle of lumbridge diary

I had been anticipating the release of RuneScape 3 Gold for quite some time now, and with its release today I could not be happier. I was never one who truly appreciated RuneScape lore, but the Dawn of the Sixth Age changed my perspective entirely. Finally, us adventurers were going to have an opportunity to alter history! Now that it is here, I can see that Jagex is headed in the right direction.

With that in mind, I look forward to what the Battle of Lumbridge has in store for us adventurers, week after week. I am entirely committed to the efforts of Saradomin and his followers. And I also look forward to what future World Events have to offer; this type of content will change RuneScape for its eternity, and I look forward to being a part of it.

For the next 70 days, my goal is to reach the cap in regards to the amount of Divine tears us followers of the Gods are permitted to attain, that presently, as a member, being 3,000. It may seem to be a small amount, but please keep in mind that as one collects Divine tears on any given day, progress towards the cap decreases significantly. Therefore, the average amount of time required to reach 3,000 Divine tears on any given day can be 6 hours (this may change if I decide to test the consumable rewards).

I want Saradomin and his followers to come out of this ten-week battle victorious. Whether or not my commitment will make a substantive impact in any regard is not the point; I want my love for RuneScape to grow, and committing to the Dawn of the Sixth Age is the beginning of that.

– Current progression of the Battle of Lumbridge World Event: Day 1 / 70
– Number of times having reached the cap for Divine tears: 1
– Success rate for caping: 1/1 ; 100%
– World Event 1: Saradomin Team Contribution Rank: 157

Thank you for reading. Please respect this journey of mine, as a fellow adventurer. We all have our desires, and my desire is to be an activist of the Sixth Age. May the odds be ever in your favor!