This carries of a fee of gold coins that you can access in Runescape

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This week’s update has also made Momentum a persistent, toggled ability, much like Incite or Single-Way Wilderness. No adrenaline is generated while it is active, and it is still cancelled by use of any other ability.From today, Diango will be able to replace items with combat stats which have been obtained from the Squeal of Fortune.This carries of a fee of gold coins relative to the highest wield requirement for the item that you can access.
Please note that following items cannot be retrieved from Diango if they have been destroyed prior to today’s update: shark fists, TzHaar whip, Cupid bow, rosethorn wand, broken heart.The bonecrusher now crushes all bones dropped by a vanquished enemy, rather than just their guaranteed drop.All references to player-run games of chance have been removed from the Quick Chat options.

Superior player-owned ports armour can now be repaired at any stage of degradation.Solomon’s Store now stocks a range of cosmetic items that you may have missed out on before. See here for further information.A selection of minor bug fixes have been made across the game. Please see the patch notes for details.

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