Members are protected by the RuneScape Rules of Conduct ingame

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This website is operated by the Management of Demons From The Deep and you can contact us via our forums. As a clan member, your usage of this website and membership within the clan consitutes as your agreement to these terms and conditions.

By registering on the Demons From The Deep Forums you accept that you are to comply with all rules set by Management. Due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, we do not permit registrations from anybody under the age of 13 and by registering an account with us you agree to be truthful in the information you provide such as your date of birth.

If we become aware of any account that has been created with a false date of birth, we reserve the right to remove it.Members are protected by the RuneScape Rules of Conduct ingame and on our forums, but we cannot monitor or be held responsible for what happens between Members in other venues such as 3rd Party Messenger Programs.

The safety of Members is our #1 priority and we make every effort to ensure that the forums are a safe environment for all of our Members. While we are not responsible for any conversations taking place outside of the forums, anyone who feels that inappropriate conversations are taking place are encouraged to report it Management using the Report button if possible with evidence so we can review the situation.

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