These abilities can be dragged to your action in RuneScape

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Bear in mind that the requirement to have completed a boss’s associated quest still remains in order to face that boss in the Dominion Tower, so now is the perfect time to test out some quests in the beta and see if you can defeat the Dominion Tower!The Barbarian Assault minigame is now ready for testing, featuring an updated set of mechanics.

Previously those in the Attacker role had to switch between different combat styles Aggressive, Controlled etc. or different arrows/spells in order to overcome the vicious penance. In the new combat system, this mechanic no longer worked for melee players, so we have changed the way the Attacker role works slightly. While playing a wave, Attackers will notice 4 new abilities appear in the Constitution section of their ability book.

These abilities represent different fighting stances and the correct one must be used to overcome your penance foes. These four abilities are shared across all three combat disciplines melee, range and magic, so rangers and mages no longer need to worry about changing ammunition or spells. The four new abilities are:Reckless Stance;Balanced Stance;Defensive Stance;Aggressive Stance.

These abilities can be dragged to your action-bar for easier use. However, bear in mind that they only function within Barbarian Assault.Speaking of new abilities, we have introduced one new ultimate ability, linked to the Constitution skill: Momentum. This new ability is designed to help players embarking on long Slayer assignments.

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