Tips For Destiny 2 New Lights And Veterans

Destiny 2 tips are always helpful, especially with the game being more complex than it was four years ago, so here’s a series of friendly reminders that are beneficial for all Guardians, regardless of tenure.

Weapon Stats Explained

Unknown to most, over a dozen stats alter your weapons’ behavior in Destiny 2, giving them unique strengths and weaknesses. But take a look at the impact, range, stability, handling, reload speed, rounds per minute, and magazine to be a master of arms.

Impact is the force behind each weapon when fired.
Range is the distance each weapon can apply optimal damage before drop-off begins.
Stability reduces the visual kick your weapons exhibit with each shot, making them much easier to control at max fire rate.
Handling indicates how sluggish weapons do or don’t feel to wield.
Reload speed is self-explanatory, but regardless, use natural cover when reloading to decrease risk in a gunfight.
Magazine is the number of shots that can be fired before a reload.

Armor Stats Work Guide

Weapons don’t have a monopoly on important stats, and Destiny 2 armor stats influence how each Guardian plays in a given encounter. Here’s a breakdown of how the various stats affect play:

Energy determines which mods can be equipped in a piece of armor, and the amount of energy determines which mods can be slotted based on their individual cost.
Mobility controls non-ability jump height, strafe, and walk speed.
Resilience is Guardian health and how effective Stasis is on a Guardian once frozen.
Recovery controls how quickly health regenerates once out of gunfire.

Manage Your Vault

The following items may be stored within the Vault: Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Modifications, Ships and Sparrows. Players may place up to 600 individual or bundled items within the Vault, which may be sorted by newest, rarity, or quantity. Hassling with a clunky inventory is one of the things that takes its toll over time. Improvements to load times will surely alleviate some of the frustration and sunsetting will free up some space in player arsenals, but the fans still crave a more seamless experience when it comes to loot management.

Try not to hold onto more than one of any particular weapon, and don’t keep things that can be reprinted at will. Favorites and items held for infusion, etc are perfectly good examples of items to hold on to but it’s generally recommended not to hoard for the sake of hoarding. If auto rifles seriously never make it into a loadout, maybe only having one of each archetype is all that’s needed, just in case preferences change over time. Pinnacle and exotic weapons that aren’t used constantly can be deleted and reprinted from their respective collections tabs.

Link Your Prime and Bungie Accounts

Players with an active Prime Gaming membership can now earn in-game Exotic Gear Drops in Destiny 2. Each drop will contain four rewards, including Exotic weapons, Ghosts, ships, Sparrows, and weapon ornaments from previous Seasons.

You can also check Bungie Rewards for even more freebies – from discount codes for clothing purchases on the Bungie Store to in-game emblems and shaders, Bungie Rewards should be checked whenever a new season, event, or exotic comes to Destiny 2. Between Bungie Rewards and Prime Gaming, free loot is everywhere to be had for no extra work!

Do Seasonal Challenges For Some Progress

The new Destiny 2 season has brought in loads of seasonal challenges for everyone to complete. These objectives can be done on a specific planet or anywhere in the system, as doing so grants EXP, Bright Dust, and seasonal materials. Especially, Bright Dust is one of the most sought-after resources in Destiny 2. as it can be used to purchase sexy Eververse items without having to spend a dime. Unlike Destiny 2 Silver, which can only be purchased with real money, Bright Dust can be earned while playing the game.

These challenges are available to all players, regardless of whether or not they own the Season Pass. The focus is on completing various season-specific tasks, engaging in end-game content, and otherwise interacting with the game in various ways. Players who want to upgrade the Wayfinder’s Compass Seasonal Artifact will need to do a couple of the challenges each week, as the upgrades are locked behind challenge progression.