How To Get And Use Legendary Gear In Diablo 4?

Legendary Gear is very important in Diablo 4, playing a key role in the player’s character building. However, understanding how to use and optimize these Diablo 4 items can take time and effort for many players. The following guide will give you a detailed introduction to Legendary Gear in Diablo 4, which will help players progress more in the game.

Legendary Gear in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has different types of legendary Gear, including standard, sacred, and unique legendaries. Each type has its unique attributes and effects. The power of a legendary item is determined by its roll, which is a random number that determines the effectiveness of the legendary effect. The higher the roll, the more influential the product.

To see the roll of a legendary item, you need to enable the Advanced tooltip, Compare, and Information options in the game settings. These options are not enabled by default but are crucial for understanding the potential power of your legendary items.

Imprinting and Extracting Legendary Effects

Imprinting and extracting are two key mechanics in Diablo 4 that allow you to customize your legendary Gear. Imprinting allows you to add a specific effect to an item while extracting allows you to remove an effect from an item.

You need to visit an occultist in one of the game’s cities to imprint or extract a legendary effect. Imprinting and extracting must resources such as veil crystals and coiling wards, which can be obtained by dismantling unwanted legendary items. The cost of imprinting varies depending on the type of aspect and the specific piece of Gear.

Imprinting on weapons can increase the power of offensive aspects, but it’s not recommended as weapons are replaced. Instead, it’s advisable to brand on amulets or other pieces of Gear that are replaced less often.

While leveling, it’s not necessary to grind for Legendary Gear. Instead, focus on leveling up and saving your resources later in the game. Once you reach Nightmare mode, you should start working on obtaining sacred Gear, which has better stats and skill levels than normal legendary Gear.

Farming for Legendary Gear

Murmuring Opals, a currency obtained from world events, can buy items from vendors or spawn Foci, which can drop good Gear and Sacred Legendaries. It’s recommended to save your Opals until you reach the cap of 550, then spend them on keys to open Silent Chests in the open world or to spawn Foci for a chance to get Sacred Gear. Of course, if you have enough Diablo 4 gold, you can also choose to buy the required items directly in the game, which can save us a lot of time.

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