How to Pump Fake and Fake Pass in NBA 2K21?

If you want to embarrass the other team with a pump fake or fake pass in NBA 2K21, here’s what you need to know to execute it.

How to Pump Fake in NBA 2K21?

Pump Fake

Want to make a defender think you’re going to take a shot and have them attempt a swat block that sends them flying past you? Here’s how to pump fake in NBA 2K21.

• PS4: Square
• Xbox One: X

Tap Square on the PS4 or X on the Xbox One to pump fake.

How to Fake Pass in NBA 2K21?

Here’s what is a fake pass, how to fake a pass, and when to use it in NBA 2K21.

Fake Pass

1. What is a fake pass in NBA 2K21?

This is a popular move that will allow you to fool your opponent into thinking that you will make a pass when you are actually staying with the ball in your hands.

2. How to fake pass?

To trick opponents with a fake pass, you’ll need to press the lob pass button and bounce pass button at the same time.

• PS4: Press Triangle + Circle while standing or driving to the hoop.
• Xbox One: Press Y + B while standing or driving to the hoop.
• Nintendo Switch: Press X + A while standing or driving to the hoop.

The fake pass though can be particularly useful, especially if you’re able to play quickly. You can pretend you’re passing one way before stopping, often moving an opponent’s player to where that pass would have gone, opening up space elsewhere in the attacking part of the court.

Also, regardless of what platform you’re playing on, you’ll want to use the left analog stick and point it in the direction that you want your player to make the fake pass. After all, it helps to sell to your opponent the idea that you’re actually about to make a pass.

3. When to use it?

A fake pass will most likely work best when you’re already in motion, but be aware that your options are limited after acting.

Since it stops your dribble, you’ll need to shoot, or actually pass, after doing a fake pass. Of course, you can also keep faking until it works.

With that said, failure to think things through can lead to being double-teamed or stripped, especially in online matches.

However, the fake pass should work considerably well against the AI opponents in MyCareer mode. Those opponents will get faked out almost every time, depending on the difficulty setting.

That’s everything you need to know about how to pump fake and fake passes in NBA 2K21.

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