FIFA 20 Heading back to your goalkeeper Tips

Many players you face will revert to using pace and lofted balls over the top of your defense to try and unlock you. Therefore, it is essential that you become comfortable with heading the ball back to your GK. 8/9 times out of 10 this is the best option to take when you’re running back to goal, and the ball is going to land between the defender you’re controlling and the GK. The first thing you need to do is move your player in front of the attackers run while walking back towards your own goal. Then, as the ball is coming down, use the pass button while aiming towards the GK to head the ball back. By using the pass button, it will head the ball back accurately without too much power (using shoot will try force your defender into an uncomfortable header) to your GK. Obviously the further away from the penalty area you are the longer you hold the pass button down for the header. If you are close, then 1 bar of power/tapping the pass button will work correctly.

TIP – When you’re doing this, make sure that as soon as you have performed the header back to your GK, you get your defenders body in the way of the attackers run and hold triangle to make your GK meet the ball.
This is an excellent way of taking pressure off of your defenders and if they try the lobbed through ball (which is a dangerous weapon to have) and you are winning the ball quickly by heading the ball back you’ll force them into a different style of play which is something they are far less likely to be comfortable doing. A tell-tale sign that they are going to be looking for a lobbed through ball is a combination of the following points.
– They have small forwards with pace
– They keep using the 1-2 pass near the halfway line. (Look out for their players making runs after passing the ball)
– They rarely use the wings and look to attack through the center of the pitch.

Heading has always been a big part of our game, and we rarely lose headers when defending, winning the vast majority of headers when attacking and flicking the ball on, etc. Of course, U4GM FIFA Team does concede from the odd corner, but that is exceptionally uncommon, and U4GM FIFA Team usually know why it happened, which is the main thing. This often happens when we can’t select the person we want outside of the box quickly enough, which in turn, leads to the auto change (air balls setting) not choosing the right man. See the defending corners area of the site for more reading on this part and how best to deal with opposition corners. Winning and being great at headers on FIFA 20 will be crucial to your success on the game. In an average match, you will be competing for at least 30 times per game for aerial balls, and with the new crossing mechanics and brand new Frostbite engine, this number may be even higher. Thus, the importance of reading these tips, putting them into practice and perfecting your heading technique.