Path Of Exile: Top 12 Tips For You To Kill Uber Elder

From a novice to an old player, I have played Path of Exile for long time, and I know the importance of a good guide to players. So, today I want to share some tips for most players about how to kill the Uber Elder, in a non-specific order:

Path of Exile

  1. You need to clear all T16 maps twice! Once to lure Elder onto shaper map and another time to kill Elder guardians. So be ready to spend 30c/map if you don’t have 2 maps of each T16 (that’s 240c of T16 maps roughly).
  2. Once Shaper guardian maps are possessed by Elder guardians, they do drop the same Fragments as regular guardians! So essentially, the shaper set enables to open Shaper realm or uber Elder fight.
  3. The fight is fun but at the end it’s more like a dps check. If the fight last too long you will die to the elder degen on the ground which slow you down like crazy even when you try to use movement skills.
  4. If you fail, you can re-try using another shaper set (~70c), my 3rd try was the successful one.
  5. The arena edge collision is really bad. Visually there is room to walk/use movement skills when close to the edge but in fact no. So you would get stuck and get rekt by Elder/shaper projectiles.
  6. The fight is all about moving, you can’t stay in place unless you can negate the huge dps from the bosses. My build is miner so all I did is: lay mine then walk/shield charge. Rinse & repeat until enemies are dead.
  7. If you die (which will happen for 99% of us), wait for the elder ring explosion to go-off (if it started) before resurrecting. It will save you a lot of trouble when you come back.
  8. The RNG to get there is infuriating (need Elder on a T15).
  9. The quest looks bug when Zana asked you to kill all 4 guardians. After you do that, the quest line doesn’t change. However if you enter shaper realm, the quest will go-on (once shaper is dead you get his key).
  10. The Uber elder fight is very interesting, difficult but fun/refreshing.
  11. The cost entrance is outrageous at the moment (minimum 300c worth of maps/frag).
  12. The loot can be very underwhelming (I got the ring and nothing else worthy – 20-30c?)

There’s a lot more players guide on our website, so be sure to check out if you need some guides.